Synpromics gives researchers, developers and manufacturers unprecedented control of gene expression through proprietary technology that yields highly specific and active synthetic promoters, thus facilitating a competitive IP position for our partners.

    Synpromics was founded in 2010 to commercialise proprietary and patent-pending technology, developed by Dr Michael L Roberts, in the emerging field of synthetic biology. This is a highly disruptive technology putting the power to control gene expression in almost any condition of interest into the hands of scientists developing next generation technologies, therapeutics and diagnostics.

    Traditionally, promoters tend to be based on viral or gene specific endogenous promoters and have a number of constraints that create a huge bottleneck in the development of tools and products in the Biotech industry. This is not surprising as natural promoters have evolved over millennia to regulate gene expression to the precise levels required to elicit a specific physiological function, in a particular cellular environment. Consequently, natural promoters are not best suited to control the expression of genes in the industrial setting of a bioreactor, nor in the environs of a diseased cell, where a particular degree of specificity and optimal therapeutic expression is required.

    Synpromics’ designs and develops patentable synthetic promoters that are designed to regulate genes in a highly specific manner. Given that these promoters greatly improve upon the natural promoters on which the entire biotech industry currently relies, there is enormous potential for the company to drive the Biotech industry forward and transform the entire sector.