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3 - 4 February 2015, London, UK

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THought lead

- Are you looking for a platform to reinforce your Tier 1 position?
- Do you see your company as a thought leader or pioneer?
- Are you an innovator or disruptor in the field of bioscience?

Package: Diamond / Platinum Partnership


- Is your company looking to target a niche group of clients?
- Can your company offer specific practical guidance and advice?
- Do you find it beneficial to offer advice alongside industry?

Package: Silver Partnership


- Do you see your company as offering best practice in the bioscience industry?
- Is your company seen as a partner of choice amongst industry’s elite?
- Do you find speaking platforms an effective way of educating a client base?

Package: Platinum / Gold Partnership

Generate leads

- Is your company looking to expand its current client list across a broad area?
- Does your company prefer to be front of mind but without being intrusive?
- Do you see conferences as an effective way to generate traffic?

Package: Silver Partnership

Raise Awareness

- Are you a new entrant to the bioscience sector?
- Are you finding it hard to make a name for yourself amongst established players?
- Do you want to align your brand with the executive bioscience elite?

Package: Networking Partnership

Who sponsors

- Large Biotech / Large Pharma
- Patent Attorneys / Law Firms
- Global Consultant / Advisory
- Investment Banks
- Venture Capital
- Corporate Venture
- Trade Associations


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Biotech and Money Ltd. The Euston Office, One Euston Square, 40 Melton St, London, NW1 2FD. Call us: +44 (0) 203 574 4619