Inv€$table CEO Pitch Series: Simon Newman, CSO of Ryboquin

At the Inv€$table CEO Pitch Breakfast hosted by K&L Gates on Tuesday 24th May, we spokewith Simon Newman, Chief Scientific Officer of Ryboquin about LipTide, a modular, self-assembling vector system and also why Ryboquin is an investable proposition.

Watch the exclusive interview with Simon Newman

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Inv€$tables are a unique series of breakfast forums where life science companies pitch, profile andconnect with capital and partners. High calibre company CEO’s are selected to deliver 15 minute pitches to an audience of active, qualified investors and Pharma. CEOs are also afforded 15 minute profilinginterviews followed by a 40 minute speed networking session and curated 1-2-1s.

Company Executives will have their video pitch, interview and an accompanying corporate profile released onto Biotech and Money's exclusive online portal post-event.All this from a commitment of just 3 hours.

Our next Inv€$table event will take place on 28th June at Gill Jennings & Every Offices, Broadgate Tower, 20 Primrose Street, London EC2A 2ES from8.00-11.00am.

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