This directory serves as a resource listing of active biotech that develop therapeutics, diagnostics and/or medtech. The companies listed in this directory are not representative of the companies that are active members of the Biotech and Money community.

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Biostatin is a spin-off biotechnological company developing novel signal transduction therapy agents. The molecule TT232 ? proved to have anticancer, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects without clinical side effects. The company have finished the first Phase II/a human clinical trial with remarkable effect in the therapy of melanoma malignum.

This drug candidate is licenced to the Canadian Thallion Inc.
Genetic Immunity provides topical antigen delivery technology to epidermal Langerhans cells utilizing the combination of our CE-marked medical device (DermaPrep) and nanomedicine formulation of pDNA and proteins. The platform consists of (1) rational antigen selection and design (ANTIGENeering), (2) pDNA Synthetic Nanomedicine Formulation for optimal antigen expression and presentation and (3) topical delivery device for in vivo delivery of antigens to lymph node dendritic cells. Through the development of the Company?s portfolio of vaccine candidates, Genetic Immunity?s novel and innovative approach has demonstrated a consistent mechanism of action, safety and efficacy throughout the R&D pipeline from small animal preclinical models to the successful Phase 2 Clinical Proof-of-Concept study of its most advanced vaccine candidate, DermaVir, developed for the treatment of HIV/AIDS.
Omninvest is a human virus and immunological specifics production and research company in Hungary. Omninvest is aimed at providing the population with vaccines against different types of influenza and offering state-of-the-art stem cell therapies.
The Pharmacoidea Ltd. ( is a Hungarian biotech SME specializing in drug discovery and functional food development. From selective drug delivery methods to new food products enhancing mental health, Pharmacoidea's R&D portfolio covers wide spectra of innovative solutions.