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2B BlackBio, S.L. develops and markets solutions for personalized medicine based on genetics, genomics, and proteomics. The company offers solutions in the areas of metabolic disorders, oncology, cardiovascular diseases, microbiology, pharmacogenetics, and wellness. It offers various microbiology products, such as a sepsis kit to identify bacteria from blood cultures; a fungal ID kit for the diagnostic of clinically relevant fungal species; and a bacterial antibiotic resistance-virulence factors kit to indentify the principal drug resistances and virulence factors in pathogenic bacteria by multiplexed microsequencing.
Bellaterra - Barcelona - Catalonia
Ability Pharmaceuticals is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company located in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

The company has developed a proprietary new drug class called Lipid Analogue Therapeutics. Ability Pharmaceuticals has two drugs candidates in development in several cancer types:

? ABTL0812 which starts Phase I/Ib clinical trials (First in Humans) in October 2013: Preclinical data has shown efficacy in lung cancer and pancreatic cancer.

? ABTL1014 is in preclinical development and targets hematologic malignancies.

The company develops the new drug candidates up through clinical proof of concept, and will then out-license them to biopharmaceutical companies for further development.

The company participates in this convention to raise funds for the phase II clinical program of ABTL0812, to fund the preclinical development of ABTL1014 and to fully exploit its patented drug discovery platform to generate new anti-cancer drug candidates.
ADVANCELL develops promising drug candidates in oncology, dermatology and CNS where our technologies and development capabilities can add distinctive value. The Company currently has three products in clinical development: ATH012/NT-KO-003 for Multiple Sclerosis (Ph2), ATH001/Acadra for hematologic malignancies (Ph2) and ATH008 for palmar-plantar erythrodysesthesia syndrome (Ph2b). ADVANCELL recently signed a license agreement with Helsinn Healthcare SA for ATH008.

ADVANCELL is seeking for partners with significant development and marketing capabilities to further develop and commercialize ATH012 (MS) and ATH001 (oncology).
Allinky has a pipeline of three novel and proprietary small molecule therapeutics (allosteric inhibitors) targeting five major areas: inflammation, Alzheimer's disease, cancer, arthritis and type II diabetes.

Allinky Biopharma is a start-up company-associated to academia-that focuses its activities on the discovery and development of small molecules to treat chronic inflammatory conditions, age-related degenerative diseases and cancer. Based on recent advances in molecular medicine, Allinky proposes to improve the treatment of these prevalent pathologies by addressing their molecular origins, and by following nature's strategy to control the excess activation of a given protein using a novel class of therapeutic agents: allosteric modulators.
Pozuelo de Alarc
Algenex is focused on the development and commercialization of remarkably productive, baculovirus based-technologies for manufacturing of recombinant proteins.
AMPbiotech develops synthetic antimicrobial peptides using as models natural compounds found in living organisms, but improving activity and action spectrum, decreasing toxicity and controlling biodegradability. The technology also includes beneficial microorganisms producing natural antimicrobial peptides (bacteriocins, cyclolipopeptides and pseudopeptides), useful to develop biopreservatives for food products and biopesticides for agricultural use.
Villamayor (Salamanca)
Apointech is engaged in the research and development of new molecules with therapeutic applications in oncology and parasitic and inflammatory diseases. Currently the company is working two projects whose mission is to create drugs for infectious diseases and cancer diseases.
Araclon Biotech is a newly founded company dedicated to the research and development of therapies and diagnostic methods to be applied to degenerative diseases, in particular, to date, to Alzheimer?s disease.

Grifols investment vehicle, Gri-Cel S.A. currently owns shares of Araclon Biotech (51% equity share),
Archivel FARMA SL is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in the research and clinical development of new drugs. The main activity of Archivel FARMA focuses on the field of tuberculosis, specifically in the treatment of latent tuberculosis infection. The company's product includes RUTI
ARGON PHARMA is a biotech company established at the Barcelona Science Park with the mission to develop new innovative therapies to provide solutions to unmet medical needs in the oncology field, and also to develop new technologies for drug delivery and diagnosis to improve current therapies, increasing patient welfare and bringing real benefits to patients.
AROMICS is a Barcelona-based biotechnology company that specialises in functional genomics and proteomics technologies and their application in research and development of new therapies and diagnostic products targeting relevant human health diseases.
Barcelona- Viladecans
ASCIL BIOPHARM founded in July 2012 is an emerging start-up specialized in Applied R+D+I of innovative DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS (DDS) from advanced formulations, proprietary biocompatible technologies to medical devices in pharma, biotech, Aesthetic and Veterinary Care.

The founders gather nearly 30 years of Pioneer international recognized industrial experience in Controlled Release Drug Therapeutics (peptides, proteins and chemicals) and have demonstrated their ability to innovate from idea to commercialized products (broad patents portfolio generated +drug products commercially launched www )

Our team gathers a Unique Cluster of skills and Know-how with impressive track record of achievements in well-established public and private pharma co.

Our mission is to create

New Improved Pharmaceutical and Biotech Therapeutic treatments providing Sustainable differentiations & generating value thanks to Innovative Drug Delivery Platforms and a Team with a Unique Expertise.

Our experience covers :

- From the idea up to the commercial products

- From once daily delivery to more than 6 months injectable SRF

- Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable approaches

- From STD Lyophilised forms to Ready to use prefilled systems

- From basic research to GMP regulatory compliance (EMA,FDA,JP)

- From the nanosystems and sciences to the millimeters scale

- From BCN to the world collaboration

- From being a Client to being a Provider (with major big pharma)

- From private to public companies/ partnership