HealthEx Nordic 2015

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HealthEx Nordics is where CEOs, CFOs and Chairmen of listed life science and healthcare companies debate the strategies for investor engagement and education; problem solve fundraising and capital challenges and come together to share ideas on how to promote and cultivate a strong and vibrant environment for life science investment.

HealthExNordic is a highly exclusive gathering of the finest minds andleaders of life science and healthcare listed companies from Nasdaq Main and Growth markets. It offers a seedbed of ideas that will fundamentally transform the sector across the Nordic region, and a seat at the discussion table is one of the most highly coveted invitations a CEO, CFO or Chairmen can receive.

What’s in it for Executives

  • • Keynotes and special addresses from game changers and disruptors
  • • 1.5hr sub-themed discussion groups on business critical issues
  • • Formats to encourage bilateral discussions and meetings
  • • Genuine peer-to-peer interactions and knowledge sharing
  • • Cross-mentoring opportunities between IPO and pre-IPO Executives
  • • Chatham House Rules

Who is HealthEx Nordic for

HealthEx Nordic is an invite only, executive gathering for C-level executives from Nasdaq's Nordic exchanges. Primary invites will be reserved for Nordic based life science and healthcare companies. 

The forum will also open up exclusive invitations to a limited number of pre-IPO CEOs, CFOs and their Chairmen. These invitations will be allocated based on a nomination process from existing participants.

The pre-IPO nomination allocations allows cross cultivation of knowledge between existing and soon to IPO executives. 

The forum will be held at the Stockholm office's of Nasdaq.

HealthEx Series Track Record

The HealthEx series of forums are international in nature and take place across the UK, Europe and North America. HealthEx London, the first in the series takes place in London on 1st July, and feature over 30 of the UK's leading listed life science and healthcare CEOs, CFOs and Chairmen. The combined market cap of attendees is estimated at over £1.5 billion.

HealthEx New York, the third in the series takes place in New York on 23rd November.


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Contact Us

HealthEx Europe is an event brand owned and organised by Biotech and Money Ltd. For further details on Biotech and Money visit or call +44 (0) 203 5531 092. Biotech and Money Ltd. is a UK Registered Limited company.