Biotech and Money investor PERCEPTION survey 2017


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ABOUT The report

The mission of this survey and report is to create unique and actionable insight into investor attitudes, biases and preferences in healthcare opportunities in Europe, that can be used by our community to inform their decisions and strategy.  We believe the report helps address one of the fundamental challenges facing the life science industry in the UK and Europe: The dearth of financing opportunities, and we are very proud to share it with you.

Biotech & Money’s investor survey and interviews were conducted across the range of the investment community. In total, 177 people completed the survey and we directly interviewed 10. Most of those taking part in the survey were investors; those from the Buy-Side made up nearly 70% of respondents.

Clear trends and opinions emerged, especially on Biotech company management skill-sets, M&A expectations, investment trends, and investment risks. At the same time, the survey looked at several myths and attitudes assumed to be common in the Biotech sector: some were supported by this survey, some weren’t. 

TRends and truth in life sciences investment 

Biotech and Money Investor Perception Survey 2017



WHY Purchase thIS report?

  • Gain access to a unique and powerful dataset of investor intelligence

  • See what sub-sectors and therapeutic areas are hot in the investor community

  • Understand where healthcare investors are allocating their resource and efforts in 2017

  • Learn what is truly motivating and driving healthcare investors in 2017

  • Understand what healthcare investors think makes a good, investable company and why

What you will get

  • The full 28 page report and analysis

  • The complete raw data set from the research, fully searchable and customisable for your own analysis (provided as Excel or CSV file)*

  • A PDF synthesis and table of investor quotes and thoughts drawn from the in depth interviews and matched against key themes

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