US Life Science Listings take to AIM

For those of you not well versed in Latin, ‘Omne
Trium Perfectum’ refers to the notion that everything that comes in threes is perfect or every set of three is complete. It conveys the same idea as the rule of three.

Where am I going with this you might ask? Well, earlier last week,
PureTech Health, a Boston-based health technology firm announced plans to raise $160 million in a
London listing in June. Significant, in both the size of the planned raise and the fact that it’s a US company listing in the UK.

When you combine this news with a similar decision by California-based drug discovery group Verseon, who raised $100m in London earlier in the month and Motif Bio’s admission to AIM in April, suddenly there appears to be a ground swell of US healthcare companies choosing the UK for their listings.

PureTech’s planned IPO will take place on the main market of the
London Stock Exchange, generating three London listings for US
companies in the last 2 months.

Could this be the start of a sustained reversal in the flow of drug
developers crossing the Atlantic to raise money in the UK, only time will tell. But it certainly delivers a vote of confidence in the British life sciences sector. At a time when UK institutional investors are attracting praise for their long term outlook.

Amongst a number of exclusive executive interviews this month, we’re fortunate to have found time with Adityo Prakash the CEO of US-based Verseon and Chris Mayo, Consultant, Primary Markets of the London Stock Exchange who provide their own take on the current turn of events. You can read their exclusive interviews in May’s Drugs & Dealers Magazine.


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