[ONES TO WATCH] Life Science showcases announced at Biotech and Money London 2016

At the 2nd annual Biotech and Money London conference, we’re all about giving established and emerging next generation life science companies the spotlight that they deserve. That’s why we’ve created 12 showcase slots for established and emerging UK companies to present to attending Executives, Investors and Pharma. We call them the ‘Ones to Watch’ because we expect great things from them in 2016. 

These showcases will take place from between 11.00am and 1.20pm and 2.20pm and 3.50pm on Wednesday, 3rd February.

Presenting companies include:

  • Immunocore
  • C4X Discovery
  • MiNA Therapeutics
  • ProAxsis
  • Peptinnovate
  • Apitope
  • Verona Pharma
  • EstryX
  • EM Imaging
  • Medherant
  • Attomarker
  • Sphere Fluidics


The Showcases make up a 3.5hr slot in amongst over 20hrs of content across the 2-days. We’re confident that you will find content, networking or business development opportunities to match your needs.

Register today to hear from and get access to these companies and their Executives.

With over 300+ C-level Executives, Investors, Pharma and key industry stakeholders already signed up, there’s no better place this Spring to meet and learn with your peers.

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