March 2016 Drugs & Dealers Magazine Released

Biotech and Money are pleased to announce the release of the latest Drugs & Dealers Magazine. The March issue is the second of 6 bi-monthly publications in 2016 aimed at providing insight, foresight and hindsight to life science executives involved in funding, investment, partnering and deal making.

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Here’s what you can expect to read from the digitally interactive March issue:

  • Diurnal Exclusive Interview: We talk to CEO Martin Whitaker on what the future holds for the endocrinology company after its successful £30m AIM listing from December 2015. The last UK Biotech to successfully tap public markets in 2015.
  • FEATURE: Mann Bioinvest Investor Exclusive Interview: We talk to Andy Smith, CIO of Mann Bioinvest to understand how important healthcare and life sciences are to him what drives his decision to invest in certain companies over others.
  • MISSION Therapeutics Exclusive Interview: We find time with Anker Lundemose, CEO to talk through the company’s successful £60m private fund raise, the key success factors and why the public market route was not the obvious choice for the company.
  • FEATURE: APOLLO Therapeutics Investment Committee Exclusive Interview: We chat to Dr Ian Tomlinson, Chairman of the newly formed consortium fund to discuss its aims and objectives of the £40m collaboration and the uniqueness of the models and its members.
  • Shield Therapeutics Exclusive Interview: Hot on the heels of their 2016, £32.5m AIM listing, we interview Carl Sterritt, CEO of the first UK Biotech to get a listing away on AIM in 2016. We talk strategy, business models and the key to tapping public markets in a downturn market.
  • JAG Shaw Baker Exclusive Interview: We hear from the Co-Founder and Partner, James Shaw and get a sense for industry and market direction from a law firm central to the EU tech and venture capital eco-system.
  • Motif Bio Exclusive Interview: Almost a year to the day of Motif Bio’s AIM listing, we talk to CEO Graham Lumsden on what life is like as a publicly listed company, what have been the lessons of the first 12 months and what will we can expect to see in 2016.
  • Medicxi Ventures Exclusive Interview: Co-Founder and Partner Francesco de Rubertis shares his views on the future of the newly launched GSK and J&J backed £210M fund, formed out of Index Ventures and provides market insight on future market shifts.
  • FEATURE: Birmingham Research Park and BioHub: James Wilkie, CEO of Birmingham Research Park shines a spotlight on the Birmingham Life Science eco-system and explains why companies and investors alike should be looking beyond the ‘Golden Triangle’.
  • Abingdon Health Exclusive Interview: CEO Chris Yates, a prominent tenant at the Birmingham BioHub outlines what attracted his company to the area and why he expects the community to go from strength to strength.
  • Verona Pharma Exclusive Interview: Jan-Anders Karlsson, CEO unwraps the company’s core focus around the $1bn respiratory market and outlines their plans for their lead candidate and broader future pipeline growth.

DOWNLOAD the PDF Magazine here

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